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How We Began

Track 2 Home came about through a new initiative run and funded by Greyhound Racing New Zealand; this program is called Rehabilitation to Rehome Program. Greyhound Racing New Zealand set up the program to give a helping paw to those greyhounds with medical or other particular circumstances that see them requiring veterinary work or medical investigation before being available for adoption. The Rehabilitation to Rehome program is showing outstanding results and has been a total success in funding and helping many greyhounds get the care they need to move on to a new life as a family pet. 


We were approached and given the opportunity to be part of this exceptional programme, and of course, we said YES. Initially, our role was care, rehabilitation, assessment and training of the greyhounds in our care. It was a natural transition to include fostering, adoption, and aftercare into our business model. 


We work in partnership with the team from Great Mates (Greyhound Racings NZ kennel base) as well as New Zealand Racings rehoming partners. If we don’t have the right fit for your family, we can forward your inquiry to other adoption partners. 


From humble beginnings to now a fully staffed Rehabilitation kennel!! 

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